Project Description
Silver Monkey adds a new level to Furcadia bots with its DragonSpeak like Language called monkey speak. No longer to you have to spend extra time learning to build a bot to host your dream. Thanks to Squizzel's Monkey Speak Engine and Furcadia framework for 3rd Party Programs, You can pick up and run with monkey speak.

Silver Monkey is in no Affiliation with Dragons Eye Productions

Silver monkey Example Scripts

Getting Started Guide

Silver Monkey Features

  1. Colored Text
  2. Minimize to the System Tray
  3. Dragon Speak like Language called Monkey Speak
  4. Dream List. See whose all in the dream
  5. Easy to use interface
  6. Command History
  7. Furre Online Detection with smPounce
  8. Group Member list
  9. Plugin support

Plugins Available on request

  1. Sound Module Play Waves on command
  2. Angelcat Module Interface with Group Channels

Monkey Speak Editor Features

  1. Dragon Speak and Monkey Speak Formatting
  2. Basic templates to get started
  3. Wizard to customize Scripts

Monkeyspeak Features

  1. Math functions
  2. SQLite Database
  3. Timers
  4. Web API interface
  5. Trading support
  6. Phoenix Speak
  7. Web Access
  8. Chatter Bot support with Verbot SDK

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