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Explain Verbot

first post: Squizzle wrote: What is it? How do I use it?

latest post: Gerolkae wrote: Verbot is a Chat bot engine that takes words or phrases and respond...

Wanted Monkey Speak Lines

first post: Gerolkae wrote: Post your Ideas here and I'll See what I can do about adding them in

latest post: Gerolkae wrote: Pounce is in this release... Phoenix Speak interface was greatly e...

[DISCUSS] Windows 8 and Silver Monkey

first post: Sidereal wrote: I posted something about an hour or so ago in the "Issues" requesti...

latest post: Gerolkae wrote: Update I Disabled the Engine default Library and converted the cor...

Program Features

first post: Gerolkae wrote: Bot Features wanted

latest post: gerolkae wrote: SQL Lib is a big project right now. Mainly cause I'm learning as I ...

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