Welcome to Silver Monkey. This Guide will help you Setup Silver Monkey and start your first bot. While I'll keep the steps simple and basic as I can, You can contact me on Furcadia as Gerolkae or send me an e-mail gerolkae@hotmail.com with any Questions Comments, or Suggestions.

Silver Money was designed and intended for users who have a basic understanding of how Dragon Speak works on Furcadia. It's layed out simple and doesn't contain much "Bloat ware" Providing just the essentials to make a bot and start with it.

Now, onwards to the good stuff.

Step 1
Download and install Silver Monkey from the downloads page. The installer will walk you through the steps to install Silver monkey. The default options are ok for most people. If you want to you can change the installation folder when it asks you to do so.

Step 2
First thing you need is a Bot Ini file. (*.bini) All files and folders that silver monkey look are created in "My Documents\ Silver Monkey". To create a *.bini file for the first time go to File -> New Bot. the Bot Setup window will open up.
First we need a character.ini File so Furcadia knows what character to use with the bot. Silver Monkey is smart enough to know advanced topics like localdir.ini installations of Furcadia. I'll save that topic for another guilde. We just want to get started right?

Bot File can be left blank for the first time use. This Defaults to New Bot.bini located in "My Documents\Silver Monkey". I Recommend you always put a file name here so you don't loose you're bot information.

Bot Controller can be Left Blank. This define the Furcadia Character that will control the primary Functions of the bot. I'll Explain that when we get to Monkey speak. For now Do what you want, Place a Name or leave it blank. Your choice.

MonkeySpeak File is the file that contains the guts and functionality of the bot. Place anything here ending . ms (Example.ms).

We can safely ignore the Web Settings Tab and the Log options. Click on Connect Settings. You can choose any local port you want. Silver Monkey Checks the Port if its being used, If the port is Used, Silver Monkey will Choose a new port till it finds one that is open.

Ms Engine Enabled tells Silver Monkey to run the MonkeySpeak Engine when it connects to Furcadia.. Check this box because we need the Engine to do the awesome stuff we want our bot to do.

Stand Alone can be left is or Checked, Doesn't matter unless you Want the bot to remain connected to furcadia while the Client closes.

Autoconnect at Startup is for advanced users who understand Command line options and Stuff.. Leave this one unchecked

When you connect to Furcadia you can appear any where on any map... Usually the Last map you were on or the vinca if the last map doesn't exist. Go Map options are provided for Bot-Safe maps, a Dream you Specify or it goes no where.

Okay, that's it for the Bots Setup dialog window.. Press OK and we'll move on.

Step 3
In this step I'll cover the main settings that should be observed when creating a new bot. Open Options -> Config to open the main bot settings window

First thing we want here is Connection.. Server is the furcadia game server. Leave this as Lightbringer.furcadia.com. Server Port can be any Furcadia server Port but for now we'll leave it as 6500..

Connection retries the number of retries to connect to furcadia is ok to leave as default

Throat Tired Pause Time saves Messages to Server and Doesn't send them till this amount of time is reached after the bot see's a "You're throat is tired" message.

Keep Alive Ping Sends a Ping response to the server to keep the connection open... Mainly for Standalone Mode. Change this to a lower number if you loose connection frequently.

Switch to the Client Optios Tab. If you find your self with Multiple Clients loading over the same connections Check AutoClose Client on Disconnect... This will close the Furcadia lient before launching a new one to connect with.

Furcadia Directory Tells Silver Monkey which Client install to use but If this is Left Blank then the Default Client is used.

Step 4
Go to Windows -> MS Editor. This Will load the Defined MS Script or the bot or create a new one if it doesn't exist yet in side the Monkey Speak Editor

Add the lines
(0:34) When someone requests to join the bot,
(5:0) say {`summon}.
This will create a Bot with Auto Summon capability.. it will summon the requesting Furre.

Save this File and In the Bot main Window you're ready to Connect.. Press Go to Connect and watch you're first bot come to life.

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